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The Mercedes A-Class has been a bestseller for a number of generations. Since its market launch in 1997, it has blazed a trail for a new vehicle class with its unique design, becoming a driving force in the compact car segment. The second generation alone, which was launched in 2005, sold more than a million examples worldwide.

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Mercedes A-Class News

Ultimate A-Class set to arrive in the UK in August: ordering opens for the A 45 AMG

The new A 45 AMG is nearly here. As well as aiming to set new dynamic benchmarks, the A 45 AMG marks many firsts – it’s the first production car to achieve 181 hp per litre, the first AMG with fewer than six cylinders, the first compact AMG and the first all-wheel drive A-Class to […]

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A bizarre row could lead to thousands of Mercedes cars being banned in the UK over the use of an alleged ‘illegal’ air conditioning coolant. The European Union’s Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani says he will target Mercedes owner Daimler and its use of a polluting air-cooling system used in some of its most popular cars […]

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Mercedes A45 AMG

This is the Mercedes A45 AMG: the first time Merc’s in-house tuning arm has tried its hand at building a hot hatch. Packing 355bhp, all-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch paddleshift transmission, the A45 AMG will outpace a Porsche 911, but cost less than £40,000. It’s on UK sale from July 2013, but if you […]

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New A-Class Photos

Mercedes have released more photos of the new A-Class

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Crash Protection

The new A-Class has passed the brand’s rigorous programme of crash tests. This includes not only some 30 different impact configurations, which are laid down as requirements for safety ratings and international type approval, but also nine proprietary crash tests, such as the roof-drop test or the pole impact test, developed by the brand itself. […]

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Mercedes A-Class Forum Posts

Newbies : 2013 A180 Newbie. Question!

Author: chrismSubject: 2013 A180 Newbie. Question!Posted: 26 Sep 2016 at 7:31am RS6BRIT wrote:On models with an auto box simply tu ...

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Newbies : New A200d AMG Night Edition

Author: paul_tSubject: New A200d AMG Night EditionPosted: 26 Sep 2016 at 7:22amNight Pack. (UK). ...

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Chassis, Wheels & Tyres : Summer tyres

Author: RexCSubject: Summer tyresPosted: 26 Sep 2016 at 2:40amAn update at 71,455 kms:Nitto NT-05 (fronts) worn down to wear bars on inner groove. Rears on original OEM RE0505A RFT still have 2-4mm on them, so thats good :DThe NT-05s have been great, but wanted to try something new. ...

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Newbies : New A200d AMG Night Edition

Author: coastmbSubject: New A200d AMG Night EditionPosted: 26 Sep 2016 at 12:52amLooks, good, what is the Night Edition, I dont think we (in Australia) get that spec?Rear spoiler technically you dont upset the A45 people, as all the Petronis editions have it, so its open season, ...

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A45 AMG Forum : A45 with AMG Performance Suspension

Author: BennzSubject: A45 with AMG Performance SuspensionPosted: 25 Sep 2016 at 10:42pmI drove Pre FL with sports suspension and it was alright, not as hard as I expected, but then I think Performance Suspension going to be harder which will make driving for long time exhausting or dealing with road bumps and holes :( ...

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