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  1. Main Classic A-Class Message Centre
    Good day everyone, I have Mercedes A140 (2001) automatic gear. I recently bought 8 parking sensors, I found tutorials of how to install them but all tutorials goes over the rear sensors. I need help of how to do the front sensors. I have to remove the bumper? How to get the wires inside the...
  2. Technical
    Hi, I've got a w168 A140 petrol from 2000 and trying to figure out why it is losing power. The problem appears when traveling at the speed of 70 - 80 mi/h (110-120 km/h). It just suddenly looses power. At first it only appeared when traveling at this speed and I let off the gas pedal to apply...
  3. Main Classic A-Class Message Centre
    Hey all, newbie here I've just bought an old automatic A140 W168 and I'm thinking of doing my own maintenance and some small repairs, any advice for starting from scratch? I've never attempted this kind of stuff before but I know how expensive it can be to repair a Mercedes so I'm willing to...
1-3 of 3 Results