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  1. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Alright so, I am considering buying an A-class 160 (W177) from 12/2018. The engine itself has 109 bhp but I've heard that the engine is the same as the A180 and the A200. Can someone explain to me if it is possible to remove the factory limiter to get better performance. If it is not possible...
  2. Technical
    I've got a Mercedes A Class that I can't get into 3rd or 5th gear while driving, itemperamental when the engines off but does sometimes go into 3rd and 5th (not forcing it) Here's a video of under the gaitor, Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks
  3. Dm

    W177 General
    Hi guys, Just got this car and it's a great drive but at only 101bhp when I go to put my foot down it's not as quick as previous cars I've had. So I looked up remapping the car and it jumps from 101 bhp to 175 and 180nm of torque to 310. Was just wondering if anyones done this and if the car...
1-3 of 3 Results