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  1. Newbies
    So… silly post I know! I’ve just brought my first car, and it’s a Mercedes’ aclass. I was settling for no less 😂 it’s a A180 AMG SPORT however someone’s told me this ‘isn’t a true AMG’ it’s got AMG emblem on the back - has this just been added by previous owners? It’s got the shift paddles on...
  2. W176 General
    Hi guys First time posting on here & looking to pick up my first car tomorrow which is a 2015 A Class A180 Sport. I get the computer/display is aged / small is it possible to get Apple Carplay on the screen ? Or could you get a new display installed ? , if so what is the cost (United Kingdom...
  3. W176 Detailing
    Evening lads and ladies, just bought a gloss black merc back badge to swap out the chrome one and when I stick it in it doesn't curve with the natural curvature of the car. You cant tell fron a distance but I know the first thing the lads are going to do at work it see its hanging and rip it...
1-3 of 3 Results