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  1. Servicing Plan?

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi everyone, I moved to UK 3 months ago and now finally buying 2019 A200 AMG Line Premium :) I was wondering if someone can tell me about the service plan, is it a good idea? Mercedes Benz of Cambridge told me they do £30 a month. The car I'm buying has 9500 miles on so I guess the first...
  2. W177 Tuning Chip (TDI Tuning)

    W177 Modifications
    Hi, Quick question, I have a A200 Saloon. I am thinking about either a tuning box or doing a stage 1 remap, just for a bit of extra power. I've never done one one or had one before, wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it and if it's worth it? Also if it is safe and isn't going to...
  3. Dashboard style

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hey everybody! I have a a200 business solution Amg. Now i saw this option that some cars have to have a style named Progressive. Sadly i do not have this option.. is there a place in the car system where you can add it or is it a lost case? Can mercedes add this to the system?
  4. I now have a very expensive shopping trolly!

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    The A200 Prem+ with DAP has finally arrived and collected it on Friday, I was very impressed on the return journey, but now have nowhere to go except the supermarket and back ..... :unsure: Will now have plenty of time to read the manual and play with the setup whilst stationary on the drive...
  5. 2014 W176 A200 CDI Amg timing belt replacement time

    W176 Technical
    Hi everyone, i have a 2014 W176 a200 cdi amg with around 48K on the clock. Just recent completed the transmission service and it's got me thinking about the timing belt. What is the recommended time/mileage to have the Timing belt replaced? Thanks!
  6. Heated seats

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi guys, Just wondering due to the cold weather, if you were to turn on heated seats as soon as you got into the car, would it have a negative effect on the car or nothing at all? Thanks