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  1. W177 General
    Looking to hear peoples thoughts of either owning the A180, A200 or A200d, previously I owned a 2014 A220d and the 170 BHP was more than enough power. Now with the change in engine line ups and discontinuing of the A220d I'm on the fence on which engine to choose on a new order. It comes down...
  2. W177 Modifications
    Hey guys, new benz owner here, or soon to be atleast. I was wondering if there is any sports exhaust that that fits the Mercedes a200 W177-line, to make it sound more sporty, even though I know it's technically not the sportiest car.. If I have missed something, informations or anything I am...
  3. W176 General
    Hey all I’m new to the Mercedes scene I just purchased a 2015 a200 2.1 cdi amg sport manual. I wondered would anyone know if the car can do or have any hidden features I’ve searched online through loads of videos but they are all 2020 models and automatic transmission which isn’t same as my...
  4. W177 General
    Hello, So I am currently looking for some boot accessory in some form to "hold on" some of my stuff that cannot be placed underneath. I am being annoyed that my washer fluid suddenly goes from side to side. And I am also not sure what to search for when it comes to boot accessory. What i am...
  5. Newbies
    Had my car about 10months, still getting to grips with all she does. Laughed at myself with the Auto parking yesterday, always break, cant trust the car..... still too weird. Lol. First Merc; upgraded from a Mazda 3 Sport Black, first Auto car, looking to learn loads of things and nice to know...
  6. Newbies
    Hi :) I have received my A200 AMG Line today via click and collect which went smoothly like a breeze. After 10 mins, I was like is this car mine now? This easy?! The car drives like a dream and the denim blue colour is just so cool. It changes depending on the light! it looks almost navy in the...
  7. W176 General
    Hi, I've just bought a 70 plate A200 AMG Executive and I was wandering whether it is possible to upgrade the display with a mod?
  8. W177 General
    Anyone bought a charger for maintaining the battery between outings that they can recommend. Still 2 years on warranty so don't want to use a bit of kit that may cause issues. Thanks Dave B
  9. W177 General
    About to pull the trigger on a (leased) A180 AMG Line. My first Merc. Anyone know the current servicing costs? I believe the interval is annually or every 15,500 miles but cannot find the costs anywhere. Also, what is the general opinion on the monthly service plan? Would I be able to take it...
  10. W177 Modifications
    Hi, Quick question, I have a A200 Saloon. I am thinking about either a tuning box or doing a stage 1 remap, just for a bit of extra power. I've never done one one or had one before, wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it and if it's worth it? Also if it is safe and isn't going to...
  11. W177 General
    Hey everybody! I have a a200 business solution Amg. Now i saw this option that some cars have to have a style named Progressive. Sadly i do not have this option.. is there a place in the car system where you can add it or is it a lost case? Can mercedes add this to the system?
  12. W177 General
    The A200 Prem+ with DAP has finally arrived and collected it on Friday, I was very impressed on the return journey, but now have nowhere to go except the supermarket and back ..... :unsure: Will now have plenty of time to read the manual and play with the setup whilst stationary on the drive...
  13. W176 Technical
    Hi everyone, i have a 2014 W176 a200 cdi amg with around 48K on the clock. Just recent completed the transmission service and it's got me thinking about the timing belt. What is the recommended time/mileage to have the Timing belt replaced? Thanks!
  14. W177 General
    Hi all, Drivers side, the 3 lights come on for 2 seconds then switch off again. Anyone had this problem or any ideas? Thanks
1-14 of 14 Results