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  1. W176 General
    Hi guys. My 2016 a200d takes few extra seconds than normal to start and my mechanic has told me that the battery soon needs to be replaced. I live in Australia and I got asked by a third party mechanic $700 for my Start/Stop AGM battery but I saw this one online and apparently fits my car...
  2. W177 General
    Looking to hear peoples thoughts of either owning the A180, A200 or A200d, previously I owned a 2014 A220d and the 170 BHP was more than enough power. Now with the change in engine line ups and discontinuing of the A220d I'm on the fence on which engine to choose on a new order. It comes down...
  3. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Might not be a "problem" in fact probably an improvement for some. But has anyone ever experienced their A class actually going a lot quicker all of a sudden. Took mine into merc as it was getting stuck in gear at times and they did an engine update. No issues but then 3 weeks later the car now...
1-3 of 3 Results