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  1. A-Class A250 4Matic - Custom Exhaust

    W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on whether the exhaust system is similar on the A250 4matic to the A35 since they share a lot of the same parts (exhaust I'm guessing would be different diameter though) I've been looking at purchasing an exhaust for the car...
  2. A250 rear spoiler

    Main Message Centre
    Hi I have a 2016 W176 A250 sport premium+ looking to add a rear spoiler and just wondering if anyone has done it before and any recommendations to go about it and source a rear spoiler cheers
  3. A250 Sunroof stuck in closed position

    W176 Technical
    Hi! Got the weirdest issue. My sunroof is stuck closed, i can hear the motors going but it wont tilt up at all and when i try to fully open it it just cancels after going 2cm upwards. It worked just fine yesterday. The shade wont move either
  4. Anyone got a A250 300bhp or over?

    W176 Modifications
    Hello everyone, has anyone got an a250 over 300bhp? Confused as they’re 2l turbo but no one seems to get them up to 300? With upgrades like all the other 2l turbo cars such as the GTI? if so what mods you got if you’re 300 or over? this is my a250
  5. My first Mercedes.

    Main Message Centre
    I'm in the market for my first Benz and fancy the A250 engineered by AMG. What are peoples thoughts on this model? Any known issues I should look out for? Any comments, good or bad will be appreciated.
  6. What A45 parts fits A250?

    W176 Modifications
    Hello, Hope everyone is okI have a 2013 A250 and am wondering if any parts fit from the a45 with non to little work which will increase power? Anyone put an a45 turbo on? Injectors? Fuel pump? Etc thank you! Tyler
  7. A250 Exhaust upgrade

    W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello guys, hope you guys are doing great! I am considering taking out the middle resonator of my exhaust. I would like to ask will there be any significant difference (like you can hear it significantly better) on the sound of exhaust? I am looking to have my car more like an A35, not too...
  8. W177 A250 4M AMG LINE

    Main Message Centre
    Hello guys, just picked up my A250 with these options: 4M, AMG LINE, SEAT COMFORT, VISUAL PACKAGE and COMMUNICATION PACKAGE. However, I have some questions regarding the car. Q1: Does the car fart at all? I have been doing research on a lot of the forum and someone said it had a little fart...