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  1. Newbies
    Hello - I have had my new A250e for a month or so but I am stumped by the amount of range I get on 100% charge. Initially it used to show 30 miles but it has been reducing gradually, and yesterday on 100% charge it was showing only 20 miles! Am I doing something wrong? I don't use the AC or the...
  2. W177 A250e Hybrid
    Evening I have had an A250e for 6 months and really liking it. Had an A250 4Matic before which was just the best. However, the steering in my A250e is driving my crazy. At anything over 65mph the steering ‘flutters’ and I’m having to constantly correct/adjust it. If I let go of the steering...
  3. W177 A250e Hybrid
    Hi, I have had A250e for a few months. I have installed Project EV charger at home which works great. However how do I set up timed charging using the app? I have Octopus Go tariff so want to charge in the night after 12:30. I tried to do it but didn't work so I would really appreciate step by...
  4. W177 A250e Hybrid
    On my A250e the MercedesMe app is showing 5 climate zones incorrectly. Running the latest version 1.6.3 on Android but it is really annoying. Issue has been logged to MercedesMe support for over a month but they don't seem to have a fix yet. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Due to the app...
  5. W177 A250e Hybrid
    Hi, I just got A250e on a 4 year private lease. I am wondering if it's worth taking out the covers below: 36 Month's Cover Just £308.45 for scratches and dents (Cosmetic cover) + 36 Month's Tyre Insurance: £193.30 + 36 Month's Alloy Wheel Insurance: £214.20 Total £715.95 Any thoughts?
  6. Newbies
    Hi all, new to the forum and I have recieved my new 250e this morning and was just wondering what must do’s or tips current owners would recommend to a new owner. Any help is appreciated, have a great day...👍
  7. Newbies
    Thanks for running a very useful and informative forum! Waiting for my A250e demo to become available in early November, and October is taking forever! After lusting after Mercedes cars since childhood, finally I get one of my own. Eager to hear tips and tricks. One challenge: my block of flats...
  8. Newbies
    Hello all! I'm new to Mercedes, never having considered one before, having owned 7 Saab's over the years (900, 9000, 9-3 and 9-5) but an offer came my way for an A250e (just default AMG Line package) and after saying a sad goodbye to my last Saab I'm awaiting delivery this month. I'm kind of...
  9. Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi I was wondering about any accessories or mods you have done for your a class. I was thinking about buying one of these ((Storage Compartment)) Any other ideas or product that might be useful?
  10. Newbies
    👋, 1.Does the UK AMG line models get fitted with rear tinted window as standard? I've ordered the A250e AMG Line premium with an expected delivery date of November 20. 2.Has any one who owns the A250e noticed considerable changes to their electricity bill and on average how much increase have...
1-10 of 10 Results