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  1. W176 Technical
    Hi All! I have a question in relation to the A45's Intercooler Radiator. I've done some research and come across that there are 2 different radiators for the car. Part# A1330900514 & Part# A1330900014. Does anyone know why there are 2 different types? My 2017 A45 has Part# A1330900514 which my...
  2. W176 A45
    Hi everyone, Ive been seriously considering purchasing an A45 as they look like very fun cars after light tuning, however its openly known about their gearbox issues (Crunches). And i've heard horror stories of people having to pay a stupidly high bill for a new gearbox installed. Ive tried...
  3. W176 A45
    Fork lift drove into my a45, damaged to the rads. Need a complete rad pack. If anyone in the UK is selling a complete rad pack, please reply and get in contact. thanks!
  4. W176 Technical
    Hello guys!šŸ˜Š I could really use your help since I have problem with my 2016 A45 amg and really canā€™t find solution. So on high RPM-s the car is loosing power for like half a second, its like i press accelerator and the car is gaining and loosing rpms (u can hear like vibration sound from the...
  5. W176 Classifieds
    Hi, after enjoying the A45 for 4 years, I'm selling due to doing less than 6k miles pa and needing a larger family car. Standard Performance suspension and exhaust. Heated seats, panoramic roof and Command system. It's never missed a beat in all my ownership. * reduced asking price of Ā£19,000...
  6. W176 Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Selling these genuine Mercedes A45 alloys as I have upgraded to 19 inch Mulitispoke Alloys. These 18 inch alloys come with Michelin tyres that all have around 6.5/7mm tread left on them. (These cost Ā£115 each brand new) Three of the alloys are in perfect condition, one of them has a scuff/kerb...
  7. W176 A45
    Hi Guys, I have been looking for an W176 A45 facelift bumper everywhere. Still not come across anything. Hoping this forum can help me out! I am based in the UK but I can travel anywhere, including if I even have to go to Germany! I am looking for a complete bumper if possible with all...
  8. W176 How-To
    Hi there, can anyone tell me how to locate and unblock the sunroof drains on my a45 please? Itā€™s a 2014 model
1-8 of 8 Results