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  1. A45 FL 2017

    A45 FL 2017

  2. W176 A45
    Hello. I am looking to buy a used A45 but I am in no hurry. I thought I look everywhere before I make a decision and see what offers I find. Must have the steering wheel on the left side :LOL: Options I am looking for: Aero Pack Amg exhaust
  3. W176 Technical
    Hello guys!😊 I could really use your help since I have problem with my 2016 A45 amg and really can’t find solution. So on high RPM-s the car is loosing power for like half a second, its like i press accelerator and the car is gaining and loosing rpms (u can hear like vibration sound from the...
  4. W176 Modifications
    Has anyone here painted their pre-facelift A45 front canards? I bought some to put on my A200 but they’re more of a textured matte finish and the rear ones I have are gloss black. Ideally I’d like them to match. how did you go about it?
  5. W176 Technical
    REALLY NEED HELP I’ve got an issue where when accelerating my 2013 A250 can be fine but all of a sudden I get a slight jolt then my turbo cuts out? It’s been doing it for a good few months now, sometimes I turn car on and off and it will boost for a few moments before doing it again...
  6. W176 A45
    Hi Guys, I have been looking for an W176 A45 facelift bumper everywhere. Still not come across anything. Hoping this forum can help me out! I am based in the UK but I can travel anywhere, including if I even have to go to Germany! I am looking for a complete bumper if possible with all...
  7. W176 A45
    Hi all, 2014 A45 with 52k miles. On 3 occasions over the past 3 weeks I’ve had an issue with the car jolting/kangaroo jumping when accelerating, twice on heavy acceleration and once with moderate acceleration. After it’s jolted for a few seconds I have power loss and the revs are stuck around...
  8. W176 Modifications
    Hello, Hope everyone is okI have a 2013 A250 and am wondering if any parts fit from the a45 with non to little work which will increase power? Anyone put an a45 turbo on? Injectors? Fuel pump? Etc thank you! Tyler
  9. W176 A45
    Hi All, I'm looking to buy an A45 and I have put down a reservation on a 2014 A45 with just under 32,000 miles. I am aware of the gearbox problems on this model so I will be going over that. I am just wondering what other things I should be looking out for? What do I need to be looking for in...
  10. W176 A45
    Hi There, I’m new to the forum, and relatively new to owning an A45. I bought mine last August and haven’t done much to it yet. Just had an MOT and service done, so now I want to start tweaking things. I’ve seen on YouTube a guy that has done an upgraded 8’ touch screen on a45 and I see the...
  11. W176 A45
    Hi, I need to get an A0 service and a brake disc/pad replacement on my 2013 A45 that has 47k miles on it. I had been using German Autocare in Wakefield, but I've had quotes from and that are nearly half the price. Any one have experience in using...