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  1. W177 A45 & A45s
    Hi Everyone, Back in March, my A45 S spontaneously combusted whilst I was driving in traffic. The car was completely stock and only 4 months old. The fire department assured me that the only reason this could have happened is a manufacturer fault causing a fire to start in the engine bay...
  2. W177 A45 & A45s
    So here's the deal. Just this Monday I put the deposit down on my configuration for the W177 A45S here in The Netherlands. I test drove one A45S with the alcantara red sports/non AMG seats and I got to sit in another with the top trim AMG seats as I have them specced (the seat cooling being...
  3. W177 A45 & A45s
    I noticed recently that in a video on YouTube, it showed the tyre temperatures included along side the pressures, is this included in the UK spec guys? Cheers!
1-3 of 3 Results