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    Hey folks, I'm planning to go on a long vacation abroad and won't be using the car for ~2 months. Any specific advise (e.g. fuel level to leave at?) on how I should leave the car so that I have the least trouble getting it back on when I come back? I'll be using a dedicated indoors parking, so...
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    Hi I was wondering about any accessories or mods you have done for your a class. I was thinking about buying one of these ((Storage Compartment)) Any other ideas or product that might be useful?
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    Hello guys, i hope you all are good! I want to raise an issue to Mercedes about not being notified on ECU updates of MBUX and Engine! I had an issue with my A180 W177 136hp with the thermostat of the car, that had been resolved with an ECU update. We to have issues that are solved with...
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    Turned my car on today and the driver side screen is black not on at all, when driving home I realised that most of my interior lights including small light under rear view mirror where not working Any advise would be appreciated..
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    Hi my girlfriends a class has a pool of water in the rear passenger footwell. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find/solve the problem. I need it sorting ASAP as she’s trying to sell it. Thanks in advance