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  1. W177 Modifications
    Hi all I was wondering if someone can help me with this. Does a 45 AMG bonnet fit a non-AMG model (250). I know the fenders of an AMG are wider, but based on some pictures and real time comparisons it looks like the bonnet itself has the same dimensions. It looks like the fenders get wider the...
  2. W176 Modifications
    Hello guys. Ive just bought an AMG A45 2014 and i would like to know if there is LED Headlights to upgrade my xenon lights, if its worth it and where to buy? Thanks
  3. W176 Modifications
    So over the past month I have had my A180 sport fitted with an AMG line front bumper (it already had an AMG line rear bumper). this is the before picture (I had a panamericana grille already fitted) i bought a used bumper from eBay , it was in worse condition than I thought and it took the...
1-3 of 3 Results