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  1. Wrap front lip, mirrors and side skirts

    W177 Detailing
    Hi everyone, I want to wrap my mirrors, front lip, side skirts and potentially the chrome parts around the windows (as the water stains are making me crazy) in black as my car is white so I think it will look even better. Can anyone recommend where can I get it done anywhere around Cambridge...
  2. Servicing Plan?

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi everyone, I moved to UK 3 months ago and now finally buying 2019 A200 AMG Line Premium :) I was wondering if someone can tell me about the service plan, is it a good idea? Mercedes Benz of Cambridge told me they do £30 a month. The car I'm buying has 9500 miles on so I guess the first...
  3. Modded A180

    Modded A180

    Collected my beauty in June of 2019. Began adding the front bumper trims and exhaust pieces, essentially wanted as much gloss as possible so it all matched, and covered some of the bland looking plastics on the front bumper. Moved onto fitting the racechip which was an easy to fit and very...
  4. My first ever Mercedes.. but I just found out it has a fault with an MOT upcoming! :/

    W176 Technical
    Hey all, So as you can tell from the title I've just bought an A-Class, 1.8 A200 AMG BlueEFF. In fact, it's my first Mercedes and yes I am in love! ? Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to test this car before I bought it, I wasn't worried as it had full-service history and looked fine...
  5. W176 FL , Sport to AMG Line Conversion

    W176 Modifications
    So over the past month I have had my A180 sport fitted with an AMG line front bumper (it already had an AMG line rear bumper). this is the before picture (I had a panamericana grille already fitted) i bought a used bumper from eBay , it was in worse condition than I thought and it took the...
  6. Door speaker rattling / vibration noise

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    I've had my 200D AMG Line Exec for 3 weeks and have been noticing that certain bass frequencies on songs make the entire door vibrate and shake and it makes a horrible noise. Tapping on the doors you can tell they are very hollow and it seems like its the window controls that are vibrating like...
  7. HOLD function

    W176 How-To
    Hi All, I`ve got my first ever Mercedes A200 and i`m trying discover it. It`s an 18 plate Mercedes A Class AMG Line with Premium Package. Does anyone know how i can find out if i have HOLD function? I`ve been trying to press the brake but nothing happens.Do i need activate it from somewhere ...
  8. W177 A180 AMG-Line

    W177 A180 AMG-Line

    This is an optional illusion at a loch near us. The wall ends and the gate is hung straight. The phone box & the telegraph pole are also straight. But... The loch horizon appears squint, which it can't be, because gravity doesn't work that way. There is no trick photography. Taken on iPhone X...