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  1. W177 Modifications
    Hi, I’m looking for a replacement bonnet for my AMG A35 W177, I ideally want something custom with scoops and vents and can see some nice Carbon Fibre ones for a W176, but suspect it won’t fit the post facelift W177. Can someone confirm please
  2. Newbies
    Hello, Hope you're all well. Thought I'd introduce myself, I'm a new owner of a A180 Saloon 2022 AMG Night Edition. I wanted to know if anyone has had their front and rear lights tinted because I've tried to find image references for this particular model/spec, but haven't had luck. I'm not...
  3. W177 Modifications
    It goes into detail into all of the mods I made to the car thus far. It goes a bit into detail about my life, but that's for the current followers so I hope u don't mind. Let me know what u think of it and what I can add, remove from it. Thanks!
  4. W176 Classifieds
    Afternoon guys, Some may recall my original advert from a few months back. I kept the A45 a while longer, and loved it. However I now think the sensible option is to go back to an all rounder family car. This example has all the sought after toys i.e. Pan roof, Aero kit, Alcantara steering...
  5. W176 Modifications
    Morning New to the forum but have been working my way through threads and done a lot of research online. I’m looking for best parts/prices, to not damage my engine! Want to avoid bad brands and get the best (not necessarily cheapest or most expensive ) Guess I wanted to get all your petrol...
  6. W176 General
    Just bought an A Class and I’m in love. Read all the reviews that said it would be a bumpy ride but it’s so smooth and hugs the road I love it. Any recommended tweaks I would love to hear your suggestions.
  7. W177 A45 & A45s
    Hi Everyone, Back in March, my A45 S spontaneously combusted whilst I was driving in traffic. The car was completely stock and only 4 months old. The fire department assured me that the only reason this could have happened is a manufacturer fault causing a fire to start in the engine bay...
  8. W177 A35
    Hi i have noticed that occassionally my car is going into sports + mode on its own. At first i thought i may have brushed past the button accdientally but it has happened to many times for that . Also would have to rest on the button to move from comfort to sports + anyone else had this issue ?
  9. W176 General
    Hey all I’m new to the Mercedes scene I just purchased a 2015 a200 2.1 cdi amg sport manual. I wondered would anyone know if the car can do or have any hidden features I’ve searched online through loads of videos but they are all 2020 models and automatic transmission which isn’t same as my...
  10. W176 A45
    Hello. I am looking to buy a used A45 but I am in no hurry. I thought I look everywhere before I make a decision and see what offers I find. Must have the steering wheel on the left side :LOL: Options I am looking for: Aero Pack Amg exhaust
  11. W177 General
    Hello everybody, today i took a look inside the dealer menu. Inside the audio options i found the entry AMG_RACING. There is a slider inside the DAMPING and SEPARATION submenu. Now i am curious what these slider do? I know that the DAMPING slider for the ENTERTAINMENT entry is changing when i...
  12. W177 Modifications
    Hi all I was wondering if someone can help me with this. Does a 45 AMG bonnet fit a non-AMG model (250). I know the fenders of an AMG are wider, but based on some pictures and real time comparisons it looks like the bonnet itself has the same dimensions. It looks like the fenders get wider the...
  13. Newbies
    Had my car about 10months, still getting to grips with all she does. Laughed at myself with the Auto parking yesterday, always break, cant trust the car..... still too weird. Lol. First Merc; upgraded from a Mazda 3 Sport Black, first Auto car, looking to learn loads of things and nice to know...
  14. W177 A35
    Hi guys I’m considering a stage 1 on my a35. Just wanted to know if anyone has had this done on an a35 and how the car has been after- any problems? Thanks!
  15. W176 Modifications
    Any idea where I’d be able to find this exact bumper for sale
  16. Newbies
    👋, 1.Does the UK AMG line models get fitted with rear tinted window as standard? I've ordered the A250e AMG Line premium with an expected delivery date of November 20. 2.Has any one who owns the A250e noticed considerable changes to their electricity bill and on average how much increase have...
  17. W177 Classifieds
    Complete or just bumper Thanks
  18. W176 General
    I'm in the market for my first Benz and fancy the A250 engineered by AMG. What are peoples thoughts on this model? Any known issues I should look out for? Any comments, good or bad will be appreciated.
  19. W177 A35
    Hey evryone So I picked up the first A35 in Canada, as far as I know, and I passed the break in period properly and all. I'm at about 1700km on the car and wanted to try Race Start but i cannot get it to work. I read the manual on it made sure all the parameters were good but i depress the brake...
1-20 of 26 Results