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  1. W177 A35
    Hey everyone, I’ve recently made the switch from an A200 premium which had Mercedes Advanced Sound System. I was always very impressed by the system and assumed the Burmester in my A35 would blow me away even more. However, I’ve found the Burmester to be very average. Not saying it’s bad but I...
  2. W177 General
    Hello everybody, today i took a look inside the dealer menu. Inside the audio options i found the entry AMG_RACING. There is a slider inside the DAMPING and SEPARATION submenu. Now i am curious what these slider do? I know that the DAMPING slider for the ENTERTAINMENT entry is changing when i...
  3. W177 General
    When I’m using my phone to listen to music with Apple Music via bluetooth, I click on the current tracklist to show me the queue of songs and what is coming up next & later. I then go to click on one of the future songs & nothing happens. This is extremely frustrating as I then have to skip...
1-3 of 3 Results