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  1. W176 Technical
    i have a mercedes a class 2015. i’m having a red battery light come up on the display screen saying ‘see owners manual’ which cant be removed unless ignition switched off and on. however i have recently had the battery replaced. start stop does not work and occasionally display and lights...
  2. W177 Technical
    Hello My name is Lucas, I am 25 years old and this is my first post on this forum. I bought my dream car Mercedes A class w177 2018 in June this year, but from the beginning the start\stop function for example on the lights it's not working (always orange). My first thought is the battery...
  3. W176 Technical
    I had a scary experience and wondered if anyone could help shed some light. I was driving yesterday and stopped the car briefly to pick up my friend whilst turning off the engine. I then went to re-start the car (by pressing the start/stop button,) however the car would not start and I got a...
1-3 of 3 Results