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  1. W177 Technical
    Can anyone help with removing the low centre chrome trim on W177 front bumper? It got a crack and now half of it has broken off of the bumper. I’ve sourced a replacement part but I don’t want to do more damage removing the broken one?
  2. W177 General
    Hi there! Brand new member here! I picked up my new A Class yesterday (24 Feb 21), and I’ve taken it straight to a detailer to get ceramic coated today (25 Feb 21). He called to tell me he found a swirl at the back of the car. Here it is: Should I be worried about it? Should I let the...
  3. W176 Modifications
    Any idea where I’d be able to find this exact bumper for sale
  4. W176 Modifications
    Hi guys new to the page, just bought a 220d motorsport and wanting the front splitter with the fins like on the amgs. Can it be done and if so point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  5. W176 Modifications
    Good evening all! I have a 2013 w176 a180cdi sport but it has the standard edition rear bumper (no canards). I would love to put a diffuser on this, however they only seem to be available for bumpers WITH canards! Hopefully they do actually exist, or someone knows of a universal diffuser that...
  6. W177 Classifieds
    Complete or just bumper Thanks
  7. W177 General
    Hello Mercedians, I hope you all hang in there. I come with a need of advice regarding some scratches my wife did (i swear is true). Is some kit outhere you tried and is good for this kind of job ? Anyone with experience please an advice?Thank you!
1-7 of 7 Results