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  1. Activating Apple CarPlay

    Hi there - totally new here. Calling for some CarPlay knowledge. Not too sure if I’m even posting this in the right section! Sorry if I’m not! I have just purchased a 2016 A Class that does not appear to have Apple CarPlay on it, but does have 2 ports in the arm rest. I have read that it can...
  2. Carplay working but Android Auto not on my newly 'activated' 2016 Mercedes A Class

    W176 Technical
    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Mercedes A200 Sport which didn't come with Android Auto/Carplay. I bought an 'activator' which I didn't realise until after testing it said it only did Apple Carplay. I put this into the OBD port and it gave me apple carplay and android auto which weren't...
  3. Alternative navigation apps with Apple CarPlay

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Recently paid for Smartphone integration on the Mercedes Store and notice on Apple CarPlay I now have multiple alternatives to the standard MBUX navigation. The navigation apps available from Apple App Store with CarPlay compatibly are: Apple Maps (default option) Google Maps Waze Tom Tom Go...