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    Thanks for running a very useful and informative forum! Waiting for my A250e demo to become available in early November, and October is taking forever! After lusting after Mercedes cars since childhood, finally I get one of my own. Eager to hear tips and tricks. One challenge: my block of flats...
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    Hello all! I'm new to Mercedes, never having considered one before, having owned 7 Saab's over the years (900, 9000, 9-3 and 9-5) but an offer came my way for an A250e (just default AMG Line package) and after saying a sad goodbye to my last Saab I'm awaiting delivery this month. I'm kind of...
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    đź‘‹, 1.Does the UK AMG line models get fitted with rear tinted window as standard? I've ordered the A250e AMG Line premium with an expected delivery date of November 20. 2.Has any one who owns the A250e noticed considerable changes to their electricity bill and on average how much increase have...
1-3 of 3 Results