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crankshaft sensor

  1. Acceleration issue

    W176 A45
    Hi all, 2014 A45 with 52k miles. On 3 occasions over the past 3 weeks I’ve had an issue with the car jolting/kangaroo jumping when accelerating, twice on heavy acceleration and once with moderate acceleration. After it’s jolted for a few seconds I have power loss and the revs are stuck around...
  2. IS THIS the crankshaft position sensor??

    W176 Technical
    Is this the crankshaft position sensor? Took me a long time to locate, if so what bit do I need to remove the bolt?
  3. Camshaft & crankshaft position sensor locations 2013 a250

    Main Message Centre
    Has anyone got pictures or a diagram of where the Camshaft & crankshaft position sensor locations are on my 2013 a250