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  1. W176 Technical
    I’ve had a fault code come up on my 2014 A200 CDI po29900. The garage have changed the boost pressure sensor and the turbo actuator, ran 3 pressure tests, it’s been on the diag system multiple times and the code keeps coming back engine management light comes on and goes into limp mode. When the...
  2. W177 A35
    So my car last Wednesday went to VRS Northampton for a new exhaust, and on the dash it kept saying 4matic inoperable, so I had a Phone call from garage doing exhausts n they said the diff pump had gone n car was stinking of oil etc So changed that Then they said it’s not uploading the new...
  3. W176 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello all, I have a 2016 A220d DCT FL and it has been an awesome car untill now. But and last couple of days I noticed something strange when accelerating, for instance, to overtake. I go slow, then I floor the gas pedal, gear box kicks down, turbo kicks in and then the engine starts to vibrate...
  4. W176 General
    What would I need? Complete engine, rear lsd? Obviously ecu, the downpipe & manifold what else? was thinking about getting a hybrid turbo etc but can get a full a45 engine for close to the cost of a hybrid turbo for the a250 so got me thinking
  5. W176 Technical
    Is this the crankshaft position sensor? Took me a long time to locate, if so what bit do I need to remove the bolt?
1-5 of 5 Results