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  1. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a mercedes W177 and I'm not so sure about the engine choice. I'm a newbee, this would be my first car, so I was looking for an expert opinion/comparison between the A180d, A200d and A220d. I've heard the fuel economy between the 3 is very close. What about reliability...
  2. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello guys, I have W177 A180d A Class for about a year now, and I serviced it for first time after I got it last month in Mercedes-Benz Official garage. Since then I've noticed that occasionally (its happening more and more recently) when the car is cold and I turn the engine on, its vibrating...
  3. W177 Technical
    Hello I’ve recently had new parts fitted and my ECU has been reset, how long will it take for my ECU to relearn and adapt to my driving style? Worried about over working the engine when it’s trying to relearn?
  4. W176 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello All, I've had my 2017 A200D for almost a year now and love it, however, in my previous post I have mentioned a bit of a lumpy transmission. When in 4th gear at about 1500 RPM the car seems to jerk back and forth with what seems to be a loss of power. This is until you press the accelerator...
  5. W177 General
    Hi All, I’ve had my 2019 AMG a200 automatic for a week now. All seems good except for one thing. It seems to over rev really easily. For example I wasn’t even at 20MPH before and it was at 3 on the Rev screen (sorry I’m not technical) & is very loud. I took someone out in it today to get their...
  6. W176 Technical
    Hi, have had a engine light on which was the coolant sensor which i have had done, the light went off and then it came back on a few days later which i was so annoyed about, I took it back to the garage and they done a diagnostics which came back with the coolant sensor code again but shown a...
  7. W176 General
    What would I need? Complete engine, rear lsd? Obviously ecu, the downpipe & manifold what else? was thinking about getting a hybrid turbo etc but can get a full a45 engine for close to the cost of a hybrid turbo for the a250 so got me thinking
  8. W177 General
    Dear all, At 9k km we had to add 1 Lt oil. The notification message went on. I've done quite a few travels with the A-Class so nearly half of those km came on higher at a higher than 100 km/hour pace. That said, still it feels a little bit weird compared to other engines that the car required...
1-8 of 8 Results