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  1. W176 General
    Hey everyone, what is your fuel consumption in your a class models? I have an A 180 1.5L 80 kw, mine was doing 12-13l/100km in the winter. But I just recently changed the fuel injectors, because I suspected it could be the problem. It seemed fine, It was doing 4.4L/100km driving in the...
  2. Newbies
    Hi all, I read some posts about this but I just want to make sure everything is fine. It’s the first time I put some petrol to MB A180. And then realise it recommends 95 RON but I put 99 shell unleaded. Will it cause any problem or next time should I put 95 RON? Or can I stick to 99 after today...
  3. W176 Technical
    Need the location for the fuel pump in my a250 w176? could someone help
1-3 of 3 Results