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  1. W176 Technical
    Hello, i have 2014 automatic model, this situtation happening and im not so sure if its a problem or if the transmission is build to operate like this. if im driving with like 40kmh having 4th gear and need to stop on a red light the transmission wont change to 3rd gear but immediatly change to...
  2. Technical
    I've got a Mercedes A Class that I can't get into 3rd or 5th gear while driving, itemperamental when the engines off but does sometimes go into 3rd and 5th (not forcing it) Here's a video of under the gaitor, Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks
  3. W177 General
    Hello Folks, New A250 sedan delivered this year. The title phenomenon occurred 10 times a month in ECO mode. Missing gear? Gear spinoff? I do not know how to explain the phenomenon. Anyway, gear suddenly becomes neutral while driving from D to N without touching the gear column with walking...
1-3 of 3 Results