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  1. W169 CVT Gearbox issues - valve body, torque converter or belts?

    Hi all, Hoping to draw on your expertise. My mother owns a 2005 A150 with a CVT gearbox. On a journey down from Edinburgh the gearbox started playing up. It felt like the clutch was slipping on hills as I could hear the engine/gearbox note rise but the car would begin to slow. There was no rise...
  2. A160 won't enter 3rd and 5th gear

    I've got a Mercedes A Class that I can't get into 3rd or 5th gear while driving, itemperamental when the engines off but does sometimes go into 3rd and 5th (not forcing it) Here's a video of under the gaitor, Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks
  3. Jerking gearbox (+ clunk)

    W177 A35
    Hi guys, nice to meet you :). 2 days ago, finally, after 7 months, I received my A35 in Silver :). Generally very nice car and I like it. The problem is that I noticed issue with gearbox and I hope you can help me. This gearbox quite often tends to jerk on low speeds. I drive in Comfort. The...
  4. My car has been back to the dealership 11 times

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi all, New here. I bought my demo W177 from Mercedes Benz Sydney, Sydney Australia. It’s a NOV 2018 build but purchased it mid 2019. My car has since been back 11 times to the dealership with numerous issues. The latest issue is apparently caused by the gearbox, where the car (A250...
  5. A220 auto whining!

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    My car went back to the dealership this week to have a possible gearbox whine investigated. They had my car for 5 days and gave it a thorough check over. No faults were found. They also took a customers A220 for a comparison test drive and found it to make the same noise, so they have put it...