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  1. W176 General
    Hi all, Just wanted to see if anyone's managed to find H15 halogen bulbs that can delivery proper whiteness (e.g. 5000K lumens)? I found these from Amazon but they don't look that much of an improvement to the standard ones...
  2. W177 Modifications
    Hello guys. I am new to the forum and decided to open this thread cause I couldn’t find an answer. I recently saw on aliexpress and ebay LED headlights for W177 which do not need coding (plug and play). Has anyone here bought them ? I think it is the best solution for us who want to upgrade from...
  3. W176 Technical
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a banged mercedes a180 2014, the main damage is on the front. I need new headlights because of that. I was wondering if I could fit xenon, bi-xenon or full led headlights if originally there were halogen headlights. I guess the xenon headlights have a seperate...
1-3 of 3 Results