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  1. A lot of problems.

    Hello! Do you guy's also have a lot of problems with the new W177? Like noises? Like a metalic turning vent that at every put hole you hear squiking? Ore a problem with the airbags that sudently stop working? Dysplay with dead pixels?
  2. Anyone got the location of the fuel pump on a W176? (Mines an a250)

    W176 Technical
    Need the location for the fuel pump in my a250 w176? could someone help
  3. Mis-described Mercedes

    Hi all, New Mercedes owner here, A250 WhiteArt Edition from Croydon (there's a whole other story about them messing me around!) I am in a dilemma as I bought the car but have discovered that some of the features it was described as having are missing... Most notably: “Keyless Go...
  4. IS THIS the crankshaft position sensor??

    W176 Technical
    Is this the crankshaft position sensor? Took me a long time to locate, if so what bit do I need to remove the bolt?
  5. Mercedes A class 2016 Radio

    W176 Technical
    Good Day, I own a 2016 Mercedes a class with ngt 5 installed, we bought the car and the screen was stolen from the car, they cut the wires and i believe it blew the screen as nothing would show, but sound and Bluetooth worked, we found a fuse that was blown but that didn't fix our problem. So...

    W176 Technical
    Please help, I press throttle down when car is up to temp, the car takes off like normal for the first few seconds maybe till about 80mph then it will Jult and then power loss like the turbo isn’t engaging/car just don’t want to go as fast as usual? (It’s defo nothing to do with the turbo) ive...