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  1. Apple car play

    W177 Technical
    Hello! First time post. I’ve recently purchased an A class registered end of 2019 but 68 plate. Due to covid the salesman’s didn’t show me everything on the car properly. I’ve brought a official apple usb c cable to connect my iPhone pro max 11 to the car. Upon connecting it to the correct...
  2. Connect wife’s iPhone to my car?

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    I already have my own Android phone paired to my car via Bluetooth, and also via the Mercedes Me app, and it all works Ok. So what do I need to do now so my wife can use her iPhone too? Specifically she wants to do two things: a) use her phone for hands free calling, and b) from iPhone Google...
  3. MBUX - Music data not available

    W176 Technical
    Hello all, Hopefully someone will be able to help. I have been trying today to get the voice commands to change my songs. The car has my phone connected and I can see all of my music if I browse the car menu myself, however whenever I try to use the voice control to change tracks it says ‘music...
  4. Mercedes Me Apple Watch app

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    For a while I thought the Apple Watch Mercedes Me App (running on WatchOS6) was pointless as everytime I opened it on my watch to perform a quick door lock or unlock I’d be greeted with the two spinning semicircles and nothing else. However, I have discovered that if you open the iPhone...