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  1. W176 Modifications
    Hi all, I'm a new w176 owner here and I was wondering if anyone knows of any garages (preferably close to London) who specialise in Mercedes mods? I'm particularly looking to retrofit LED headlights and if possible, parking sensor with audible warning (e.g. the beep sound). The car already has...
  2. W177 Modifications
    Hello guys. I am new to the forum and decided to open this thread cause I couldn’t find an answer. I recently saw on aliexpress and ebay LED headlights for W177 which do not need coding (plug and play). Has anyone here bought them ? I think it is the best solution for us who want to upgrade from...
  3. Newbies
    I have a 68 plate W177, and would like my “follow me home” lights that only work at night, to work 24/7 is there any easy way to do this or would this have to be coded in? (If there is even a way)
1-3 of 3 Results