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  1. W177 Technical
    When I try to use the navigation using contacts only 1 contact is showing, despite me having several contacts with addresses in my phone. I checked the manual and it suggested the format of the address in my phone was the issue, but what’s showing and what is not looks the same format to me. In...
  2. W177 A35
    I've got a UK A35 Premium plus and I cant figure out how to pull up the navigation map on the digital dash behind the steering wheel. The car has Premium plus interior and advanced navigation with the augmented reality. It doesn't have the drivers assistance pack though. I've checked for...
  3. W177 General
    my mercedes a200 was parallel imported into Singapore which comes factory fitted with UK maps. Is there a way to change it to the east asia maps package? I.e purchasing of licenc?
  4. W177 Technical
    Hi I am new to the forum so I hope this finds people well and I’m in the right place. I have a 68 plate 180d Sport Executive and I’m struggling to find a way to get the navigation screen on the drivers side screen of the entertainment system? Does anyone know how to do this? I drove one of the...
  5. W177 General
    So I was messing around yesterday in the dealer mode settings (yes I know it was a stupid idea) and I accidentally deleted all map data ??‍♂️... Has anyone else done this and found a solution to get it back? I’ve tried to use the download manager and map updates to see if the map data can be...
1-5 of 5 Results