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  1. W176 Engine & Drivetrain
    Anyone else find that with sport mode on and the ESP switched off there's a sudden shunt when shifting gears? If the accelerator is planted into the floor, when the car goes to shift near the redline there's suddenly this extra power. Almost like nitro hitting in NFS... I assume it's normal...
  2. W176 Modifications
    Hello, Hope everyone is okI have a 2013 A250 and am wondering if any parts fit from the a45 with non to little work which will increase power? Anyone put an a45 turbo on? Injectors? Fuel pump? Etc thank you! Tyler
  3. Technical
    Hey Guys, I am new here, just purchased a small A200 Turbo, after now driving it for several weeks I am a little bit hesitant with "spirited driving" aspects of the car. I feel that although for a car of such small stature produces a decent amount of grunt, however, I always feel that the...