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  1. Newbies
    Hello, on Friday I'm collecting my second hand A-Class and I have a few newbie questions: 1) Should I do a factory reset of MBUX? Will I lose any of the integration/purchases made by the previous owner (I'm thinking about things like navigation, smartphone integration, etc)? Is this...
  2. Newbies
    👋, 1.Does the UK AMG line models get fitted with rear tinted window as standard? I've ordered the A250e AMG Line premium with an expected delivery date of November 20. 2.Has any one who owns the A250e noticed considerable changes to their electricity bill and on average how much increase have...
  3. W177 A35
    I am about to order a A35 Premium Plus in Polar White with black leather interior including the advanced navigation pack which includes augmented reality and HUD but without the aero pack. I am wondering if the advanced connectivity pack is worth the £495 or not so if anyone has it already and...
1-4 of 4 Results