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  1. W176 A45
    Looking for recommendations for a stage 1 remap on a FL A45 around the North East area
  2. W177 General
    Hello, I remapped my a180d 2018 1.5dci 116hp DCT a class, and i have problem. For example i tried to do topspeed test, and around 160 km/h the car just went crazy. I will show the picture to see. It feels like when it has pressure it goes in some sort of safe mode and i cant even give it gas...
  3. W177 Modifications
    Hi, Quick question, I have a A200 Saloon. I am thinking about either a tuning box or doing a stage 1 remap, just for a bit of extra power. I've never done one one or had one before, wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it and if it's worth it? Also if it is safe and isn't going to...
  4. Dm

    W177 General
    Hi guys, Just got this car and it's a great drive but at only 101bhp when I go to put my foot down it's not as quick as previous cars I've had. So I looked up remapping the car and it jumps from 101 bhp to 175 and 180nm of torque to 310. Was just wondering if anyones done this and if the car...
  5. Newbies
    Hi, cheers from Argentina. This is my A45, the plan is to be a future trackcar but for now....daily? It has OZ Wheels Ultraleggera HLT 19 with ps4+ , KW Suspension 2-way (on the back only for now latter gonna explain what happened but pretty angry with KW I regret not getting Holstein or...
1-5 of 5 Results