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    Hi everyone, I moved to UK 3 months ago and now finally buying 2019 A200 AMG Line Premium :) I was wondering if someone can tell me about the service plan, is it a good idea? Mercedes Benz of Cambridge told me they do £30 a month. The car I'm buying has 9500 miles on so I guess the first...
  2. W176 A45
    Hi All, I'm looking to buy an A45 and I have put down a reservation on a 2014 A45 with just under 32,000 miles. I am aware of the gearbox problems on this model so I will be going over that. I am just wondering what other things I should be looking out for? What do I need to be looking for in...
  3. W176 Technical
    Afternoon All, the automatic service reminder in my a180 AMG line premium plus has come up after 8 months of my previous service (B service). It’s not saying the A service is due within 30 days. surely it should only be each year? Has anyone else experienced this?? Thanks in advance!