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  1. W176 Technical
    Recently fitted a new throttle body, and the ECU has been reset so it’s relearn the new parts, would getting my ECU updated or having my software updated at Mercedes make a massive difference? It’s 2015 reg? Few friends of mine have had theres done and said they had it done and saw a little...
  2. W176 General
    Hi, Merecdes appear to have removed the download manager, wanted to try and update the Garmin maps . Do any of you on here have a copy they can send me or share a link to the file? Thanks, Gus
  3. W177 General
    Hi, everyone, I purchased the A200 on the launched weekend during August 2018. The salesman said there would be CarPlay as standard. But I have just found out that the A200 does not have CarPlay at all. There were many articles written during that time that say that CarPlay was a standard...
1-3 of 3 Results