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steering wheel

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    Hi all, Just noticed that my RHD (A200 AMG Premium)'s driver's seat is ever so slightly rotated to the right (clockwise when looking from above). Thought I'd bring it up to the wise experience souls of AClassClub. Does anybody else notice this / is this something I need to get fixed? My...
  2. W177 Technical
    Hello :) So I have a little noise that bothers me for a few months (approximately 3-4 months). I know these things are difficult to diagnose based on someone's description of what they hear, but I will try because it is bothering me. In the morning (or after stopping the car for a decent time...
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    Took my A-Class W176 A180 to get wrapped but noticed days later underneath looked like this. Not sure if it’s me or is something missing from under the steering wheel ? Thanks.