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  1. W176 Technical
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a banged mercedes a180 2014, the main damage is on the front. I need new headlights because of that. I was wondering if I could fit xenon, bi-xenon or full led headlights if originally there were halogen headlights. I guess the xenon headlights have a seperate...
  2. W177 Technical
    Hi all, Just got a 2006 1.5petrol 70k miles and was running ok for the first 200km, after a short stop start there is a humming noise from the back of the car, like a chainsaw, at idle and when driving. You can hear the noise inside better then outside and around the exaust at the back...
  3. W177 Technical
    Hi First post here, I picked up my 69 plate a200 amg line premium, it has the upgraded nav (with AI) 4 days ago. I absolutely love it. But the general amount of info symbols is a little mind boggling! I get all the usual ones but some I don’t, in particular Where the change gear indicator...
1-3 of 3 Results