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  1. W176 Technical
    Hi all. A45 Pre fl. As subject says I have noticed this code ( P1CE700) when I checked the car with a diagnostic tool. I recently had stage 2 done on my car and the dyno results came up short, read about 416BHP, the shop said should be around 435BHP, he mentioned that he noticed my turbo...
  2. W176 Technical
    REALLY NEED HELP I’ve got an issue where when accelerating my 2013 A250 can be fine but all of a sudden I get a slight jolt then my turbo cuts out? It’s been doing it for a good few months now, sometimes I turn car on and off and it will boost for a few moments before doing it again...
  3. Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hello, I've had this 180cdi for a year now, and after 40K km the turbo gave in, I've been looking for a replacement for a month now with no luck, anyone knows where I could buy one, any help is appreciated. Part number is A6080960200
  4. W176 Technical
    Hello My 2013 a250 w176 when you to temp and I floor it/accelerate after a few seconds the car does a slight July and looses power? I’ve heard it could be something to do with crankshaft sensor? few months ago I did have my water pump replaced due to a leak. any help please?
1-4 of 4 Results