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  1. Main Classic A-Class Message Centre
    Hi All, New here and a new W169 owner, had two in the last few months! I bought a 2010 W169 A160 Blue Efficiency a few months ago it seemed nice and was finished in the lovely Horizonblau. When I bought it I knew it had the dreaded poly belt whine and took it to an A class specialist to be...
  2. W176 Modifications
    Hello everyone, has anyone got an a250 over 300bhp? Confused as they’re 2l turbo but no one seems to get them up to 300? With upgrades like all the other 2l turbo cars such as the GTI? if so what mods you got if you’re 300 or over? this is my a250
  3. W176 Modifications
    Hello, Hope everyone is okI have a 2013 A250 and am wondering if any parts fit from the a45 with non to little work which will increase power? Anyone put an a45 turbo on? Injectors? Fuel pump? Etc thank you! Tyler
1-3 of 3 Results