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    W176 A45
    Hi Guys, I have been looking for an W176 A45 facelift bumper everywhere. Still not come across anything. Hoping this forum can help me out! I am based in the UK but I can travel anywhere, including if I even have to go to Germany! I am looking for a complete bumper if possible with all...
  2. w176 Standard edition rear bumper diffuser

    W176 Modifications
    Good evening all! I have a 2013 w176 a180cdi sport but it has the standard edition rear bumper (no canards). I would love to put a diffuser on this, however they only seem to be available for bumpers WITH canards! Hopefully they do actually exist, or someone knows of a universal diffuser that...
  3. 17 Plate w176 non DRLs

    Main Message Centre
    Hi, I purchased a 17 plate w176 today, but I've noticed that the lights don't have the DRLs that I've seen on other models. Mine comes with the night pack. But just doesn't seem to have the option? I've also noticed the lights are quite an orange colour too which is strange. Could it be they...
  4. My first ever Mercedes.. but I just found out it has a fault with an MOT upcoming! :/

    W176 Technical
    Hey all, So as you can tell from the title I've just bought an A-Class, 1.8 A200 AMG BlueEFF. In fact, it's my first Mercedes and yes I am in love! ? Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to test this car before I bought it, I wasn't worried as it had full-service history and looked fine...
  5. 2014 W176 A200 CDI Amg timing belt replacement time

    W176 Technical
    Hi everyone, i have a 2014 W176 a200 cdi amg with around 48K on the clock. Just recent completed the transmission service and it's got me thinking about the timing belt. What is the recommended time/mileage to have the Timing belt replaced? Thanks!
  6. Harman Kardon

    Main Message Centre
    I have an w176 A180 (2016), and i wonder if it’s possible to upgrade to the harman kardon sound system even though i bought it with the original sound system? Thanks in advance!
  7. W176 A180 Passenger window only works on Express Power down

    Main Message Centre
    Hi ALL, Newbie here with our first MERC and its is A180 Blue Efficiency 2013 model W176. Bought the car about 2 weeks ago, I did not get to test the passenger window switches and I was informed they worked perfectly before buying it. Anyway, be that as it may. The passenger front window...
  8. Drilled Brakes Fit?

    W176 Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, Im new to this forums, i have tried to look for the answer but havent been successful. So i still have my first car which is a Pre Facelift 2015 A180 SE Blue efficiency. Im now in need of brake disc changing along with pads. My question is, would the Drilled Discs fit my car? the...