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  1. W177 Technical
    Hi all, I stepped in my car today and heard this really weird noise. Has anyone of you also experienced something like this or know what this is? See video in the link below. thanks!
  2. W177 General
    Hi, I just got a W177 last week and today I was on the motorway and suddenly drove over something in the road and the car suspension bounced but I kept control of the car. I always make sure the roads clear and I couldn't see any object or potholes but maybe there was one... I got an alert on...
  3. W177 Technical
    My dads Nissan got Blind Spot feature and I must say it got really in handy the other day. I got in contact with local Mercedes dealer and asked for Blind Spot. They could do it sure, but at a hefty price tag at 32000 (danish currency), around 4300 euro/3600 pounds which is a lot of money...
  4. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello guys, I have W177 A180d A Class for about a year now, and I serviced it for first time after I got it last month in Mercedes-Benz Official garage. Since then I've noticed that occasionally (its happening more and more recently) when the car is cold and I turn the engine on, its vibrating...
  5. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi all, I've posted a similar question elsewhere on this site but realised it's in the wrong section, I've asked moderators to delete as I can't delete myself it seems. This is a slight change. I picked up my A220 Premium a week ago - 2019, 12,500 miles, MB Approved, serviced before collection...
  6. W177 Technical
    Hi all, I've just acquired my A220 Premium 2019, the car's all i need these days having retired early. I wanted a car to last me a few years whilst still having fun and comfort. The only issue is the tappet like clatter on start up, seems to be ok for the first minute or two then noise...
  7. Newbies
    Hi Everyone My previous Merc was a C250 AMG Coupe - loved every minute with it! Replaced it with and Alfa Giulia - and, WOW! What a car! But not quite as 'refined' as the C250 During Lock-down it was just sat there, so I sold it and shared the good lady's car. Now, as we both work from home, we...
  8. W177 General
    Got the car in November 2018. Just three years later this is what the start/stop button looks like (attachment). Not a big deal and it's purely an aesthetic problem, but this doesn't exactly scream "luxury vehicle". I found the part number (A 177 905 10 01) at a cost of US$28 (about £21.14)...
  9. W177 Technical
    Hello My name is Lucas, I am 25 years old and this is my first post on this forum. I bought my dream car Mercedes A class w177 2018 in June this year, but from the beginning the start\stop function for example on the lights it's not working (always orange). My first thought is the battery...
  10. W177 A35
    I’ve recently had an amber coolant warning on my a35 but can’t get in touch with my local dealer. What coolant should I use for the a35 or will anything generic be fine? Thanks in advance!
  11. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello my problem is the following I am currently the owner of an a250 stage 2 with mst intake and an armytrix downpipe. I know the exhaust is the same and the intake does on both but I want to know if the downpipe does for both. armytrix not answer me. Thanks
  12. W177 Modifications
    It goes into detail into all of the mods I made to the car thus far. It goes a bit into detail about my life, but that's for the current followers so I hope u don't mind. Let me know what u think of it and what I can add, remove from it. Thanks!
  13. W177 A35
    Hi i have been having problems with car keep changing driving modes on its own . I took it in and they said that there is a computer panel issue . They are ordering it but its nearly two weeks on and still no news. He said there has been issues like this on quite a few so juct wondering if...
  14. W177 Modifications
    Hey guys, new benz owner here, or soon to be atleast. I was wondering if there is any sports exhaust that that fits the Mercedes a200 W177-line, to make it sound more sporty, even though I know it's technically not the sportiest car.. If I have missed something, informations or anything I am...
  15. W177 Modifications
    Hi all, I have a 180D premium and I would like to change the exhaust system on it. Is it possible to put an a35 exhaust system on a 180D or are they completely different? thanks!
  16. W177 Engine & Drivetrain
    I recently bought a second hand A220 and I am loving the car. One thing I have noticed though, at 60-70mph the car feels like its going to stall? Shaky feeling but no strange sound or anything, I suspect it's a gearing issue because if I put it down into 5th it feels fine. Has anyone else...
  17. W177 Technical
    Good day, my W177 A180 has the feauture where it parks from its self. I watched some videos on youtube and in all of those videos there was an automatic gearbox in use. So that got myself thinking if this feauture even works propperly with a manual gearbox. My car is allready here but I...
  18. W177 General
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?? The plastic strip on the roof I'm led to believe its possibly called roof molding? I have severe seagull damage to side pecked all the plastic off!! Where can I buy this part or are there any quick fixes? Cheers Mark.
  19. W177 General
    My headlamp has just been smashed in by a pigeon . The plastic on front is all smashed in . But lights still work. Was wondering do I have to get whole new unit ? also any suggestions where could buy from ? mercedes a35 amg executive led w177 many thanks
  20. W177 Modifications
    Hey, I bought an A200d AMG line a class 2019 reg in December and I'm looking at doing some visual mods. Have been searching around but haven't found much. So far have tinted the windows and wrapped the window trims to be black rather than chrome. Currently thinking about red brake callipers...
1-20 of 48 Results