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  1. Sat Nav NOT Working (Help)

    W177 Technical
    My kids have somehow deleted my sat nav. I've tried factory reset the MBUX but to no avail. Is there a way to get back the navigation. This is the screen I keep getting. I would really appreciate any help thanks.
  2. Active Parking Assist

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hey everybody! I hope everyone is all okay and safe during these weird times! I was testing the active parking assist and all of a sudden I think the active lane assist started interrupting the process? it sounded very weird and scary as if something was horribly wrong?? is that normal?
  3. Update notifications on ECU updates

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hello guys, i hope you all are good! I want to raise an issue to Mercedes about not being notified on ECU updates of MBUX and Engine! I had an issue with my A180 W177 136hp with the thermostat of the car, that had been resolved with an ECU update. We to have issues that are solved with...
  4. Racechip RS A Class W177 180d Review

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi Guys, (This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to move this thread if this is not the right location.) I just want to share my experience about the RaceChip RS with you. I'm leasing a Mercedes A-Class W177 180d (116hp - 260Nm). I had in my mind to have a professional remap witch...
  5. A class w177 air filter location

    W177 How-To
    Hi everyone I’ve had my a180 for a few months now and I’m thinking about putting on a new air filter. Does anyone have any information on where it’s located and how to change it. Thanks
  6. MBUX Navigation problems

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    So I was messing around yesterday in the dealer mode settings (yes I know it was a stupid idea) and I accidentally deleted all map data ??‍♂️... Has anyone else done this and found a solution to get it back? I’ve tried to use the download manager and map updates to see if the map data can be...
  7. Heated seats

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi guys, Just wondering due to the cold weather, if you were to turn on heated seats as soon as you got into the car, would it have a negative effect on the car or nothing at all? Thanks
  8. Changing a200 to look like an a35

    W177 Modifications
    Hi was just wondering if anyone has ever changed their a200 amg line premium to look like an a35 aesthetically. if I change the amg diamond grill to the GT grille front and change the AMG star alloys to the black night edition ones with the white outline, as well as the rear spoiler. As well as...
  9. W177 A180 AMG-Line

    W177 A180 AMG-Line

    This is an optional illusion at a loch near us. The wall ends and the gate is hung straight. The phone box & the telegraph pole are also straight. But... The loch horizon appears squint, which it can't be, because gravity doesn't work that way. There is no trick photography. Taken on iPhone X...
  10. W177 A250 4M AMG LINE

    Main Message Centre
    Hello guys, just picked up my A250 with these options: 4M, AMG LINE, SEAT COMFORT, VISUAL PACKAGE and COMMUNICATION PACKAGE. However, I have some questions regarding the car. Q1: Does the car fart at all? I have been doing research on a lot of the forum and someone said it had a little fart...
  11. Water Deflectors Stolen

    Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Whilst parked I returned to find my Drivers side Water Deflector Trim stolen from my A250 (2018/w177). Can anyone help on sourcing the trim online? I have the Part Number of the Windscreen part A1776903000 but the roof Part number - and where to get these parts online ? I assume it will...