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    I have a 68 plate W177, and would like my “follow me home” lights that only work at night, to work 24/7 is there any easy way to do this or would this have to be coded in? (If there is even a way)
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    Hey guys, So I'm familiar with a lot of the confusion around getting Apple CarPlay to work on the early W177 models. I myself have an August delivery model. I was told by my local Mercedes dealer that any 68 reg onwards car would have the option to activate Apple CarPlay using Mercedes me...
  3. Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hey guys, I wanted some insight on fitting a panamericana grille. I was told by Mercedes that I'm within my rights to fit it under my finance agreement, as long as no cutting is involved in the installation process. Can anyone who's had one fitted to a standard AMG Line model let me know if it...
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    Hi I was wondering about any accessories or mods you have done for your a class. I was thinking about buying one of these ((Storage Compartment)) Any other ideas or product that might be useful?
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    Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with their clutch/flywheel in their a class? I recently took my vehicle for its first service (8500) miles!! i received an inspection video after the service was complete, the technician said that the car had a very high biting point...
  6. W177 Modifications
    Panamericana grille (hexagonal mesh) for W177 (non AMG), old vs. new pictures. The grille is coming from Aliexpress, not the simple Panamericana Grille but the concept one (with hexagonal mesh).
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    Hello, I have an A180d with the premium plus pack. I do not have traffic sign recognition. Whilst driving on a stretch of road with some roadworks where a temporary speed restriction was in force at 30mph (road is usually 40mph) i noticed my car read the 30mph temporary sign and briefly the...
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    Hi there, So I recently got an a180 premium plus and its my first time having a decent car. So I have been eager to get a front and rear dashcam and I am kinda lost. There are many reviews and advice on which dashcam to get and to fit it in. I then found that Halfords offer front and rear...
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    Hi all, I've recently bought an A180d AMG with advanced sound system option. When I'm checking the sound proofing of the car I've noticed a terrible resonation noise coming from the exhaust area when the volume set above 50 percent. Equalizer of the audio system is set to flat since it's very...
  10. W177 Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hello, I'm wanting to replace the standard 16" alloys with a set of 18" alloys. Was wondering if I have anything to worry about with alloy width or if I will have any issues with the speedo etc. First time upgrading alloys so any info appreciated. Thanks
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    Complete or just bumper Thanks
  12. W177 Technical
    Hi everyone, I am unable to find a setting for when the auto lights turn on, is this an option with Mercedes? I have come over for VWG and you can set the auto headlights to come on early, normal or late and I always like mine to come on early. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. W177 Technical
    My kids have somehow deleted my sat nav. I've tried factory reset the MBUX but to no avail. Is there a way to get back the navigation. This is the screen I keep getting. I would really appreciate any help thanks.
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    Hey everybody! I hope everyone is all okay and safe during these weird times! I was testing the active parking assist and all of a sudden I think the active lane assist started interrupting the process? it sounded very weird and scary as if something was horribly wrong?? is that normal?
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    Hello guys, i hope you all are good! I want to raise an issue to Mercedes about not being notified on ECU updates of MBUX and Engine! I had an issue with my A180 W177 136hp with the thermostat of the car, that had been resolved with an ECU update. We to have issues that are solved with...
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    Hi Guys, (This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to move this thread if this is not the right location.) I just want to share my experience about the RaceChip RS with you. I'm leasing a Mercedes A-Class W177 180d (116hp - 260Nm). I had in my mind to have a professional remap witch...
  17. W177 How-To
    Hi everyone I’ve had my a180 for a few months now and I’m thinking about putting on a new air filter. Does anyone have any information on where it’s located and how to change it. Thanks
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    So I was messing around yesterday in the dealer mode settings (yes I know it was a stupid idea) and I accidentally deleted all map data ??‍♂️... Has anyone else done this and found a solution to get it back? I’ve tried to use the download manager and map updates to see if the map data can be...
  19. Main A-Class (W177) Forum
    Hi all, Drivers side, the 3 lights come on for 2 seconds then switch off again. Anyone had this problem or any ideas? Thanks