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Hi All.

I've just acquired a 2015 facelift A250 AMG and loving my first Merc.

I've noticed what I think is clutch slip on hard acceleration. The 'box is the manual version and when I but my foot down a little harder than normal the engine starts to pull, then revs about 500 rpm higher before dropping the revs a little and pulling again. The best wat to describe it is the same sort of experience you get from driving an automatic when it kicks down to accelerate.
I would normally say this is classic clutch slip, but I had a conversation with a work colleague who said her manual 2017 A200 will rev harder and then take off. She mentioned this before I picked my car up from the dealer last week. I can't ask her any more information as she's not technically minded and in her own words 'Just drives the first car off the drive in the morning'. Hence the rather silly questions that I have about clutch slip as this has got me second guessing my gut instinct.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
Is this standard behaviour for an A250 AMG manual?
Am I just asking a silly naïve question question to something where the answer is clutch slip?

Any help is appreciated as I need to go have a discussion with the dealer if the answer is its just clutch slip.

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