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I have a Race Chip GTS Black for sale which I purchased for my 2015 CLS 250 however have since changed cars to an A45 AMG.

I bought the model which allows 1 car change so the box can be supplied with brand new correct loom for the following cars in most engine specs (diesel or petrol):

W168 - 97-04
W169 - 04-12
W176 - 12-18
W177 - 18 -

To find out the claimed power increases for your car go to the Race Chip site and enter your full specs. Programming for your specific car will be via download to App.

I paid £550 3 months ago, the unit was very easy to install and added power and fun to the CLS however with a trip to Nurburgring planned I felt the A45 was the way to go.

For those who will ask the question... why are you not installing into the A45? - My A45 is a 14 plate with a limited warranty and ready for permanent remap and a few other tweaks! :wink:

Let me know offers...

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