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[2019] Mercedes A-Class A250 4Matic | Premium Plus | Cosmos Black Metallic
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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on whether the exhaust system is similar on the A250 4matic to the A35 since they share a lot of the same parts (exhaust I'm guessing would be different diameter though)

I've been looking at purchasing an exhaust for the car Brabus, IPE, etc. but most companies only do them for the A250 and not the 4matic model. But like I said above to me looking under the car the exhaust layout of the 4matic A250 is the same as the A35 model (just no visible tips)

Anyone got an idea or references to go on? Even better an exhaust for the 4matic model? :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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