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My name is Daniel McKenzie, i've been part of the forum for best part of two years as I write this and own a Mountain Grey (best colour) A45 AMG.</font>
My personal background is in Motorsport of which I have raced and worked in since 2003. My passion for Carbon Fibre stems back many years ago having raced in Formula 3, Formula 2, Renault World Series 3.5 and putting my life in the hands of the Carbon Fibre Monocoque that I sat in. After being involved in a few pretty hefty shunts (150MPH+), I was amazed at how Carbon Fibre could take such an impact and leave me able to jump out of the car and carry on with the rest of my day (albeit with my wallet slightly worse off!).</span></font>Since my continual involvement in motorsport and spending so much time around the material Carbon Fibre, I have become almost obsessed with the stuff. It was in 2011 when I had designed and created my first full Prepreg Carbon part for my road car, the MK2 Audi TT. Since then, Carbon Fibre has become more than just a passion but, a business in creating Carbon Fibre parts that are made for the road, however to the highest possible standards.</font>So what can we offer?</span></font>Here at CarbonWurks we design, develop and produce full Prepreg Carbon Fibre parts for mainly the automotive world. However this is not the only thing we offer. Some parts that are not under stress or load don't necessarily need to be made out of full Prepreg Carbon Fibre, and for this reason we also offer a lamination/skinning service to turn original parts into Carbon Fibre.</font>Carbonwurks is now the one-stop shop for anything Carbon Fibre for the A/CLA class. If there isn't something we produce, we are looking to produce it or can source it. Any questions, big or small do feel free to get in touch via PM or at [email protected]</font>

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