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Hi, I'm new here, bought a K6 A180 today.

Was fine on test drive. Managed to ground the front of the car, mounting a kerb / gravel path and gave the underside a thud returning it to where it was parked before. Not high speed. Looked fine when I looked underneath. Backed off the kerb and...

Decided to buy it. Driving away I noticed a sort of tinkling rattle that wasn't there prior, coming from under the car, it doesn't speed up with accelerator so I don't think it's engine, and it goes away when clutch part depressed, returns when clutch is fully down.

On the dash it reads 7k miles past C service or something like that (guess it's due a service or needs the message removed?) and the engine check light came on part way home cruising at 30mph.

I have a feeling some loose gravel may have gotten inside the underside bottom cover and is rattling around?

Hope it's not the gearbox 😑
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