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Guys - I am a bit confused after reading a few things on these forums tonight, which does not seem to add up with what I thought was the case....

Does the A250 Engineered By AMG come standard with the LED daytime running front lights and also LED tail lights??

When I took a A250 Eng for a test drive, it had both of the above, and the dealer told me the car was 100% standard with no optional extras - however I have now read a few posts on here / seen on the MB webpage that to get LED DRL's / LED Tails you need to go for the intelligent light system

It does not make the position clear on the Engineered however, so can someone shed some light on it?? I know the ILS adds some other stuff such as adaptive headlights which I know are deffo not standard on Engineered, but what about the LED DRLs and tails??

My Engineered went in for build this week, and I will be absolutely gutted if it does not have LEDs as per above!!

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