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Hey all,

Just looking for some advice, my rim originally had a crack around a year ago and I got it welded. The rims cracked again so will need a replacement as I am told they can't weld the same crack twice. As well as this I require a new tyre which has lost tread.

Mercedes have quoted around £800 for a new rim (19 inch) and around £210 for a new tyre. Although they noted they won't fit them and will just hand me the rim to get it fitted elsewhere. They have also said I need to come into the local showroom to order which makes things complicated as I am informed I shouldn't really be driving the car with the rim/tyre as it is due to a possible blowout.

In any case I asked if I could get the rim fitted during my upcoming service (which is under the service pack) and they have quoted an additional £140 an hour fitting but depends how long it takes.

This is quite a bit of money so just wondering, is there a good reliable place to buy replacement rims, possibly second hand for a cheaper price? One thing is I need it to be the same rim and no fakes. Same thing for tyres too, is there a reliable place to buy? Although I think my local tyre shop also quoted me around £200 last time I went so I guess that's the going rate.

Never had a rim crack before but heard it's common with bigger rims. Apparently it hit a pothole and caused the crack so I am also going to put in a claim to the council.

I am looking to sell the car/replace by end of May next year so need a rim which keeps me going for next year or so.

Appreciate any advice.
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