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Hello, I have owned the A45 for 4 years in KOREA . of course SOUTH :)

first of all, My Cooler tuning is Alpha Side Inter Cooler, Wagner Large Capacity Radiator, AIR TEC Charge Cooler.

The current mileage is 80000KM

There is also a STAGE2 mapping.

But I have a strange problem these days.

If the mission temperature exceeds 100 ° C, it will not cool, but the Engine oil temperature and water temperature will decrease.

When I put the gear in the "P", the cooling starts, but it makes a lot of noise (the sound of the front fan spinning).

About 3 ~ 4 out of a45 owners in Korea are experiencing this problem, and some have been under warranty, so the symptoms have been alleviated by replacing the thermostat.
but 3 time changed during the 1 year LOL

And this mission temperature rises to 120 degrees. Even if I don't drive hard, just put it in "D" and the temperature rises.

What's more funny is that it doesn't light any warning lights :(

Therefore, the center says there is nothing to do.

As a result of checking with a diagnostic device, all functions such as oil pump, cooling water circulation pump, mission oil filter housing, thermostat, and cooling water are normal.

I need help from European A45 owners..

I wish you safety from covid-19

please note below mentioned PHOTO
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